ALMEDAWI is a leader in providing Inspection, Expediting, and Specialized Technical services to various industries.

Our aim is to continually provide these and other services by promoting a reputation for excellence and value while fully anticipating, then recognizing the needs and expectations of our customers.

Our focus is directed towards providing unequaled service to our customers, co-workers and investors through recognition of the processes that are of vital importance to them and the goals which must be established and achieved to continually progress towards total reliability and satisfaction.

The needs of the international marketplace will continue to drive us. We will sustain our growth by promoting ongoing geographic expansion and developing new and promising services while working to secure our traditional service offerings.

ALMEDAWI employees recognize the value and rewards of promoting the success of the company and their co-workers, the achievement and satisfaction of personal success. We believe that accomplishment of these few objectives will enhance and safeguard our assets, foster continued growth in our revenues and protect our profitability. We will meet the clients’ needs in the most complete, cost effective, efficient manner. To accomplish this, we will seek, attract and employ individuals possessing the most advanced skills and abilities in leadership, management, communications and ethics.