We at Almedawi's team are dedicated to a never ending commitment for excellence in the superiority of our products and services for the satisfaction of our customers.

And we are committed to:

  • Consistently meet customer supplies on our products and services in terms of quality, on time deliver, reliability and performance.
  • Strictly adhere and always improve the established management system and business processes.

We pledge to meet this commitment through participation and teamwork of entire management team and employees.

Safety is an essential part of Almedawi Policy. The provision of safe working conditions is of the utmost importance to Almedawi. No activity on the project will ever be of such importance than safety. Never protection will be sacrificed for the sake of expediency.

This will be achieved by:

  • Setting up a safety organization and major the safety responsibilities for each level of employee.
  • Providing the necessary ongoing safety directions and training for both new recruits and employees.
  • Supplying the necessary means for a safe working environment and for an sufficient personal protection.
  • Supervising continuously all working activities.
  • Promoting the involvement of the individuals’ at all governmental levels in controlling and reporting safety standards violations.
  • Ensuring accurate reporting and investigation of any accident and for injuries.
  • Encouraging, whenever possible, discussion on safety matters.
  • In harmonization with the Owner, ensuring the necessary first-aid and medical assistance.
  • Providing adequate financial allowances to implement this policy.
  • Preparing an appropriate method statement or procedure for the execution of the most critical works.
  • Almedawi ensures that it will develop and maintain a Safety Management System that provides a safe operational environment and prevent the incidence of accidents which may result in:
  • Injury to or ill health of any person employed or not.
  • Damage/Destruction to Almedawi and Company installations and property.
  • Shutdown of any ready activities.

Every Manager and Foreman will be responsible for the health and safety of its workforce and for ensuring that the working conditions do not pose any risk to the health and safety of other persons. While Almedawi Management accepts safety matters as its prime responsibility, it is essential in order to put into practice this safety policy that all employees and workers shall accept and fulfill their duties under this policy, namely they will be necessary.

To that end it is of primary importance that all project personnel understand that their personal safety and wellbeing depends on giving careful day-to-day attention to the possible hazards in every task that they perform. This Safety Plan is not planned to cover every possibility, but instead is prepared to provide a description of the safety program elements Almedawi plans to accomplish at the jobsite.

Almedawi commitment for this project is to control the situation that can lead to accidents. Therefore, our safety goal shall be "Zero Accident".