REF ID Title Company Positions Apply Here
QCTI-001 QC Telecommunications Inspector Almedawi 5 Apply Here
QCPC-001 QC Painting/Coating Inspector Almedawi 2 Apply Here
DC-002 Document Controller Almedawi 2 Apply Here
CI-003 Civil Inspectors Almedawi 5 Apply Here
VID-004 QC Mechanical Vendor Inspector (Tanks, Valves, Pipes, Fittings & Structural Steels, etc.) Almedawi 10 Apply Here
IT-005 Network Administrator Almedawi 2 Apply Here
QCEI-001 E & I QC Inspector Almedawi 2 Apply Here
QCW-001 Welding QC Inspector Almedawi 10 Apply Here
QCSR-001 Static Equipment Inspector Almedawi 6 Apply Here
Interested applicants are invited to post the resume and certifications to our postal mail address or email to